Artisan Quality

We proudly service military, law enforcement, and public servants. Our deep respect for these men and women, and all of our clients has cemented our focus on quality. The thought of wasting our clients' time correcting mistakes or, worse yet, a client wearing an ill-fitting garment to an important event is unacceptable to us.

Our clients are always surprised that we are able to identify their size at a glance. Naturally, we take thorough measurements, too. The point is, we are experts in the field of tailoring and we do 100% of our work in-house. The person who is taking your measurements is often the same one making the adjustments.

Fair Pricing

We've never used coupons or marketing gimmicks. We don't over-price our work and we don't try to trick clients into our building, only to overcharge them for future work. The price you get on your first day will be the same price you get on your last day. When you treat each client with individualized care and attention like we do, all those techniques just become too much to keep track of. We're not the cheapest option out there, but we are definitely the best value.