Those of us who are bigger or shorter than the average person know just how hard it can be to locate a reliable clothier - not to mention finding an experienced tailor to make alterations.

Big & Tall

We have a selection of big and tall pants, jackets, and shirts available. We can order anything that's not in stock. If all else fails, we can make you custom clothing.


Our wide range of sizes includes options for larger individuals. If you don't find anything to your liking we can order it or make it for you.

Extra Short

We want our clients to look great. This means starting with clothing cut for the correct body type. We don't take average sizes and shorten them. We buy clothing tailor-made for you. We have options in-stock but we can always place custom orders or make whatever you need.

Regular Sizes

We also have a standard offerings available on our racks and, of course, we can order or make it for you.